Sony Media Software Machine Language 2

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Sony Media Software Machine Language 2

Post  Soundman on Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:55 pm

The Machine Language IIcollection is producer Jon Drukman's sophomore effort following theexcellent Machine Language (2002) techno construction kit. Thisperfectly balanced assortment of great sounds delivers the best of theWest Coast underground vibe straight to your desktop. Help yourself toall the beats, basses, sweeps, arpeggios, melody lines, and soundeffects you need for weaving seamless blankets of electro, techno, andindustrial music in ACID® software and all the other software andhardware tools that support the universal .wav file format. Nothing canbeat the sound of great gear in the hands of a skilled programmer andproducer. Jon Drukman's second contribution to our catalog affords youthe unique opportunity to evolve your own style in tandem with anaccomplished artist who understands the true nature of his craft, andthe magical properties of ACID software.


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