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Post  Soundman on Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:39 pm

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Fat Key Vibes" is anothergreat product of the Diginoiz "Loop Line" series. More than 100first-class loops created on top of the range keyboard hardware such asthe Korg M3, Access Virus Ti, Roland Phantom, by multi-platinumproducer Teka. If you're looking for pure hit making, extremelymelodic, keyboard instrumental parts in the the Hip Hop, R & B toPop Modern feeling this is what you are looking for: pianos, e-pianos,organs, rhodes and many other.
"Fat Key Vibes" contains over 100 loops Including, piano, rhodes, organs or e-pianos and many, many other.
"Fat Key Vibes" was created by multi platinum composer, arranger andsong writer Teka: Born in 1982 in Warsaw, Teka has shown great interestin music from early childhood. He created his first Hip Hop beats inthe early nineties. When producing, Teka rarely uses sampled sequences,focusing on creating his own, individual arrangements. The artist feelsbest in genres like R&B, South Hip Hop and modern-pop. After manyyears of perfecting his individual sound and style, he achieved thehighest level of production experience, letting him cooperate with manyartist from around the world. Teka’s music features sophisticatedarrangements and perfectly chosen drums.


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