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Post  Soundman on Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:47 pm

Charango [Kontakt] 2hcnn9e
The charango is a small South American stringed instrument of the lute family, about 66 cm long,
traditionally made with the shell of the back of an armadillo. It typically has 10 strings in five
courses of 2 strings each, although other variations exist.

In many aspects and especially sound, this
instrument sounds almost identical to a mandolin.

Ive sample all single hits for the build, and also
fast to slow strums and picking strums.

As incorporated with the chords and strums,
“Each Octave = Major,Minor & 7th” Chords

Also included are the ‘articulations’ of chopped
muted string hits, and muted strums.

Using the roundRobin script and velocity Layering
for chords and strums,This will enable you to do
‘speed picking’ with the flick of a mouse!

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