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Post  Soundman on Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:38 pm

Quazibeat African Secret 320

QUAZIBEATunveils African Secret. The dark dusty tang of Africa’s heartbeat comesto life uncovering Africa’s secrets. Created by some of South Africa’sbest musicians, deeply carved into this CD, its all the Africa yourheart can handle. This CD is law in any serious collection - AfricanSecret Vol 1 - welcome to our world!

Quazibeat African Secret - Features

SteamyShebeen Sophia Town grooves, Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitar loops, SaxSection, Wild Sax Solos, the best Penny Whistle ever, TraditionalAccordian, Clean Burning African Drum Loops performed on Bass, Djembesand Congo Skins, African Harmonica, Kalimba Loops cooked up by Africa’stop Xhosa musician. The Human Insect stalks, Bird Calls fall from hislips, Whistles and whispers of African secrets. Male and Female Vocalscomplete the journey.

Quazibeat African Secret - Summary

Loopedfrom 76 to 160 bpm, these sounds kill in a Tribal House or Dance Track.If it’s true African Hooks you’re after, then all you need is yourimagination.

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