Discovery Firm Didgeridoo [Wav,Rex2]

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Discovery Firm Didgeridoo [Wav,Rex2]  Empty Discovery Firm Didgeridoo [Wav,Rex2]

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Discovery Firm Didgeridoo [Wav,Rex2]  118q3xi

Australia's native inhabitants, the Aborigines, converse with thespirits through this sacred, unique instrument.This library will imbueyour music with a sound that’s undeniably Australian.

The 2000 Olypmic Games in Sydney made a vivid and lasting impression ofaboriginal culture on the world. Then came the record-breakingtelevision series Survivor, the Austrlian Outback. These globalbroadcasts brought the rich sound of the Australian Aborigines to themainstream.

The didgeridoo is made from cutting a 1-2 meter section of a eucalyptustree that has been hollowed out by hungry termites. Its performanceconsists of vibrating the lips while employing a circular breathingtechnique that causes the inside of the performer's mouth, as well asthe inside of the instrument, to resonate. This dual sound isincredibly mysterious, and is captured perfectly on this popularcollection.


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