Wave Alchemy - Odyssey FX [WAV]

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Wave Alchemy - Odyssey FX [WAV] Empty Wave Alchemy - Odyssey FX [WAV]

Post  Soundman on Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:16 am

Wave Alchemy - Odyssey FX [WAV] 722

Odyssey FX provides 70 sound effects samples, glitch hits and weirdretro noises fromthe highly sought-after ARP Odyssey analoguesynthesizer. All sound effects have been beautifully recorded throughan API 512c pre-amp in crystal clear 24-bit resolution.

Whether you produce dance music, acoustic music or design sound for
multimedia, game and film, Odyssey FX delivers a great source of weird
and wonderful sound effects and is a great addition to any producer’s tool kit.

Odyssey FX features

• 70 24-bit 100% royalty free sound effects samples.
• Swishes, sweeps and falls.
• Weird hits and stuttered glitch.
• Retro noises, bleeps and atmospherics
inspired by the early Radiophonic Workshop.

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